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Tropical Storm Alex update - June 3, 2022

Tropical storm Alex continues on it's expected path with little to no impact expected to Panama City Beach, FL.  We will continue to monitor the national hurricane center for potential storms, and post updates here as needed.

Tropical Storm Alex heads to south Florida - June 2, 2022

As the winds from Agatha enter the Gulf, and begin to pick up speed, we expect to see our first named storm of the season: Tropical Storm Alex.  The current trajectory is heading for southern florida, but at this time is not expected to see hurricane strength winds.  Panama City Beach is not in the expected path of the storm, although we may expect to see additional winds and rain as the storm passes through the gulf.

Pacific Hurricane Agatha could become Alex in the Gulf - June 1, 2022

Pacific Hurricane Agatha crossed over Mexico last weekend as a Category 2 hurricane, but slowed before entering the gulf this week.  Expectations are that it may regain some strength to reach Tropical Storm strength and head toward the southern part of the Florida peninsula.   If it does, it will become Tropical Storm ALEX in the Pacific.  We will continue to monitor it and let you know if there is any expected impact to the Panama City Beach area.

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