August 23, 2022

How to Stay Safe at the Beach

One of the most important parts of enjoying your vacation in Panama City Beach is being safe. The beach can be a very dangerous place, but with these safety tips you'll be all set for your trip.
  1. If you get stuck in a rip current don't fight it. You can either swim parallel to the shore, float, or tread water until you are out of the current. On you are out of the current, head straight to the shore. If you aren't able to escape the current call for help and draw attention o yourself.
  2. If you see someone else caught in a rip current call 9-1-1 immediately. Throw the person in distress something that floats and yell instructions on how to escape the current. Never attempt to rescue someone from a rip current unless you are a trained beach lifeguard.
  3. Never swim alone and don't swim impaired or after a large meal.
  4. Make sure everyone knows the basics of swimming.
  5. Only wear coast-guard approved life jackets. Ensure that all life jackets are worn properly and are appropriate for the wearers age and weight.
  6. Know your limits.
  7. Know the beach flags
    • Green flag: low hazard
    • Yellow flag: medium hazard
    • Red flag:¬†high hazard
    • Double red flags: water closed to public
    • Purple flag: dangerous marine life
  • Flags can change at anytime so it is important to always be vigilant. Text "BEACHES" to 888777 for flag updates. please always be careful when in and around the water.