March 22, 2022

Beach Chair Service

We are seeing unprecedented times regarding the beach chair service. With a recent change in ordinance by the city of Panama City Beach, every beach chair service provider was forced to change from their previous wooden chairs to loungers that could be stacked nightly. The city initiated this order to help keep the beaches clean and beautiful. Due to the city-wide change, it has left all beach chair vendors seeking to purchase new chairs which are currently on backorder. The beach chair service employees are working as hard as they can to accommodate everyone who has beach chair service included with their rental. At this time, beach chair service is first come, first serve, with priority given to those that already have paid service included with their rental. The best way to guarantee beach chairs is to make sure you are renting a unit with beach chairs included, otherwise there may not be beach chairs available for purchase.

Here's what the beach chair service employees want you to know: “We are working hard to accommodate everyone the best we can. Right now, we are working on a first come, first served basis, so the earlier you can reserve your chairs, the better. We are looking forward to giving everyone a perfect beach experience.”

It is important to remember that the people who are working for the beach chair service are working hard and doing the best they can. They are out some mornings as early as six am to start setting up chairs and umbrellas.

Please be patient with them as they navigate these challenges. Remember to be kind and don’t forget to tip generously..

April first update: a new shipment of beach chairs has been delivered with more on their way!