March 9, 2022

Bay County Wildfires

Multiple wildfires have broken out in Bay County, Florida near Panama City Beach. As of Tuesday March 8, 2022 there are three fires currently burning in and around the Bay County area. The Bertha Swamp fire is currently 10% contained. The Adkins Avenue fire is currently 50% contained. The Star Rd fire is currently 60% contained. While these fires pose minimal threat to the Panama City Beach area it is important to know how this may affect those visiting the area.

Will the fire hit the beach area?

Firefighters and other emergency personnel are working tirelessly to ensure that the fires are spreading as little as possible. As of right now there is no threat of fire in Panama City Beach and the fires.

What effects from the fire will I see from Panama City Beach?

Currently, the closer you get to Panama City, the more likely you are to see some smoke. As of right now the fires have not come toward the beach.

How will the wildfires affect my trip to Panama City Beach?

While there are no direct affects to the Panama City Beach, there are some staffing delays due to employees being evacuated from their home in Panama City.

What can I do to help?

The most important thing that we can do at the moment is stay informed and stay out of the way of emergency personnel. You can stay informed by checking for their daily updates.