April 24, 2020

Our Updated COVID-19 Cleaning Practices

We’ll thoroughly disinfect and sanitize your condo before arrival

At Premium Beach Condos , providing guests with a clean, safe place to stay has always been our top priority. However, with COVID-19 on the rise in Panama City Beach, FL, we want to make sure you have complete peace of mind from the moment you step through the front door of your unit.

Our cleaning crews are going above and beyond to make sure all the surfaces in your condo, including fabrics, are as clean as possible.

What are we doing differently?

During normal cleaning service, we’ve always wiped down and sanitized hard surfaces like countertops, tabletops, and door handles. Now, our team is fully sanitizing all visible surfaces in the unit between every visit using CDC-approved products.

To disinfect as thoroughly as possible, we are disinfecting the following surfaces before and after every visit:

Hard Surfaces
Countertops | Tabletops | Door handles | Floors | Appliances

Soft Surfaces
Couch cushions | Chairs | Throw pillows | Curtains | Carpets | Blankets | Bedding

In addition to the surfaces in your unit, we’ll also be disinfecting furnace filters to keep the air as clean as possible.

While Premium Beach Condos cannot guarantee that all surfaces will be germ-free at all times, we are working as hard as possible to ensure high standards for our guests.

If you have questions or concerns about our condo cleaning process, call us at 614-439-7691 for more information.

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