April 28, 2019

3 Tips and Tricks for Your Road Trip to Panama City Beach, FL

If you’ve booked your trip to Panama City Beach, now is the time to get excited. The warm weather, soft sand, and stunning waters are waiting for you—but taking a road trip to Florida takes a little bit of preparation. Our team at Premium Beach Condos has made the trek many times, and we want to share some of our tips and tricks with you.

Make a checklist

Staying in a property rental isn’t the same as staying in a hotel. You have a lot of extra freedom, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you know which necessities are included in your rental. Many toiletries such as toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent are often not provided.

Here are a few important things to include on your checklist:

  • Cash for any toll roads on your route
  • Beach chairs, if you want more than the unit provides
  • High chairs or Pack ‘n Plays for any young children (check to see if they are already provided for you first).

Keep a running list of things you don’t want to forget for a few days before you leave to ensure you don’t forget anything. Ask your host if there are any suggestions that they have for items you should remember to bring, and if a concierge service is available.

Pack your car the night before

Don’t wait until the last minute to throw all of your belongings into the car. Pack all of your suitcases and bags into the car the night before, as long as you can keep it secured in a safe place (garage). Keep your perishable food items and necessary toiletries inside until you’re ready to leave.

We recommend packing a lot of snacks to have along the way instead of stopping for big meals. It will save you time and money. Plus, the driver won’t have to worry about getting drowsy after a large meal.

Plan your route, including stops

Whether you’re driving three hours or 14 hours, make sure you plan your route ahead of time. This includes your gas stops and bathroom breaks. Gas is typically less expensive at truck plazas such as Loves and Pilot. Gas prices also vary significantly from state to state. Fill up just prior to entering Florida for a better price!

It’s also a good idea to bring a physical map along with you in case you run into an area without good satellite or cell phone reception. There are places along the route without good service, depending upon your provider.

Please remember to drive safely - we want you all to arrive happy, healthy, and ready for a fabulous vacation!

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