February 18, 2019

Calypso Resort Adds Guest Registration for Main Garage

UPDATED: September 1, 2022

Beginning in 2019, the Calypso Resort began registering all vehicles parked in the main parking garage and its outside perimeter spaces. Installing this registration system was necessary to prepare for the opening of Calypso Tower III this fall. Calypso expects a full garage, and wants to ensure that no guests arrive to find that parking is not available for their stay.

In order to enter the main parking garage, you will need to have a registered pass containing a unique barcode. Your pass will be used to enter and to exit the parking garage. The first time a pass is used, the system will note the license plate and make of the vehicle, and it cannot be used by any other vehicle.

The cost to register a vehicle is $20/vehicle/reservation. The Calypso Resort reserves the right to limit the number of vehicle registrations per condo in the future to ensure that all condos have available parking.

Each additional vehicle, including trailers and oversized vehicles for perimeter parking, will be charged a $20 registration fee.

To make your arrival easier, here are the steps you will follow to register your vehicle(s):

Step 1: Request a Pass

First, let the owner or property manager that booked your reservation know that you need to park a vehicle (or more than one) in the main garage. Many guests fly into the area and do not rent a car, so we do not assume that you will need a pass. Once your reservation is booked, be clear about how many vehicles you will need to register during your stay.

Shortly before your arrival, you will receive an email from the Calypso Resort, asking you to complete your registration for each vehicle.

Step 2: Complete Your Registration

When you click on the registration link in the email, it will take you to the Calypso website to complete your registration. Here you should review the dates and times listed for parking your vehicle to make sure that your information is correct. If payment is required, enter it here. You will also need to scroll to the bottom of the list of rules, and check the three boxes to confirm that you understand all of the requirements of the Calypso Resort.

If you have requested multiple passes, you may see a note at the top showing each pass registration number. You will need to confirm each pass separately. Once you have completed the first one, click on the next pass number, and complete the process again. Do this for each requested pass.

Receive and Save Your Pass

Once you have confirmed on the website, you will receive another email from the Calypso website. It will include a .PDF attachment with a printable pass.

Printed Pass Sample:

Note: If you are booked with PREMIUM BEACH CONDOS , the registration process for Private Reserved Parking in our underground garage has not changed. If you wish to upgrade your reservation to include a Private Reserved Parking space, we do have three spaces available in the basement of the East and West Towers. These spaces areĀ  available on a first come, first served basis, and there is an additional nightly fee to reserve one.

Give us a call at 614-439-7691 to check availability and add our Private Reserved Parking to your reservation!

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