February 15, 2018

5 Country Songs that Mention Panama City Beach

Photo: Pexels

Every summer, the Pepsi Gulf CoastĀ Jam comes to Panama City Beach. With country music as the main event, we decided to look a little closer at some of the lyrics, and it turns out, a lot of them are fans of the local culture. Here are a few country songs that mention Panama City Beach.

Roller Coaster” by Luke Bryan

Released in 2014, Luke Bryan directly mentions Panama City Beach in his song, “Roller Coaster.” When describing his love interest in the song, he mentions Thomas Drive. The lyric reads, “A flower in her hand, that I picked from the side of Thomas Drive on our way to the sand.” Thomas Drive is a main road in Panama City Beach; in fact, our Holiday House is located right on Thomas Drive, so the song is close to our hearts! Luke Bryan seems to enjoy the area, because he indirectly mentions Panama City Beach in several of his other songs, too.

Panama City” by Lee Brice

Named after our favorite Florida gulf city, Lee Brice released his song, “Panama City” in 2014. The lyrics describe his adventure with a love interest through Panama City Beach and how much he misses her now that it’s over. The lyrics even reference a popular tourist souvenir, an airbrushed t-shirt: “The sunset looked like an airbrushed t-shirt sold on the street in Panama City.”

Laughed Until We Cried” by Jason Aldean

When thinking back on a past relationship, Jason Aldean references Panama City Beach in the song “Laughed Until We Cried.” In the song, he describes sorting through the contents of his closet and finding some old memories. “I found an old yearbook,” the lyrics read. “Flipped right to the page of that senior trip down there on that Panama strip.” The strip is a common term referencing a section of Thomas Drive.

Panama City” by Mark Wills

The perfect summer country song to drive to with your windows down, Mark Wills named one of his 2008 songs “Panama City.” The song is pretty straightforward, describing the fun, lighthearted, summer energy that Panama City Beach offers to its visitors.

Kiss a Girl” by Tim McGraw

One of the most famous country artists of all time, even Tim McGraw can’t resist the draw to Panama City Beach. In his song “Kiss a Girl,” released in 2015, McGraw references the beaches in the area, reminding his love interest that she is the most beautiful woman on the beach: “It’s roses, roller coasters, and Panama City, a million tan bodies, none of them are as pretty.”

It’s so fun to see that country artists like Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw love Panama City Beach as much as we do. If you’re interested in booking a trip to Panama City Beach, feel free to contact Premium Beach Condos!

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