November 27, 2017

Navigate Panama City Beach Using the Trolley System

Bay Town Trolley System

Making travel arrangements to your destination is difficult enough, especially if you’re flying into the city. Transportation to and from the airport is a hassle, and if you’re thinking about renting a car, well, forget about a quick escape to the beach. Luckily, Panama City Beach doesn’t require having a car to navigate the city – you can use the Bay Town Trolley system.Trolley System

No matter where you’re staying on the beach, the Bay Town Trolley system probably makes a stop right next to you. The trolley runs up and down Front Beach Road and makes a quick loop around on Thomas Drive. Whether you’re staying at Premium Beach Condos’ Calypso units or Holiday House, you’ll have easy access to the trolley system.

While most of what you need is within walking distance, especially at Pier Park, it can be nice to venture out and see what else the city has to offer. Luckily, the Bay Town Trolley system helps you do just that.

All children under 5 years old can ride the trolley system for free. One-way fares begin at $1.50 for adults, but if you plan to utilize the system more frequently, day passes start at $4 per person, per day.

For the Calypso, you have two stops nearby: #16 in front of the Pier, and #17 at Front Beach & Powell Adams Road.  For the Holiday House, stop #32 is near the corner of Thomas and Holiday, almost in front of the house.

If you want more information about the Bay Town Trolley system, you can contact us or visit their website!

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