October 26, 2017

5 Great Reasons to Stay in a Vacation Rental When You Travel


One of the first decisions you have to make for your vacation, other than deciding on a destination, is where you’re going to stay. A hotel is a viable option, but there are a few perks that come with staying in a vacation rental when you travel.

#1 – Price

Staying in a vacation rental, especially with a large group, will likely save you money. Rather than booking a handful of hotel rooms, your family can stay in one, slightly larger vacation rental for a fraction of the cost. Plus, if you book directly, you can avoid all of those annoying service fees that larger hotel chains tend to charge.

#2 – Personalized Customer Service

When you stay in a vacation rental, owners have the opportunity to contact you directly to make sure everything with your stay is of the highest standard. If you have any issues that need to be resolved, you can speak directly to the owner, whose job is to make your stay as perfect as possible.

If you would like accommodations or have a special request for your stay, vacation rental owners have a bit more control over whether or not those requests can be met than a hotel would. Hotels are streamlined, offering a singular experience, while vacation rental owners can work to adapt your stay to your specific needs.

#3 – A Larger Space

Most vacation rentals include a full kitchen and a full living space, offering you a larger, more comfortable space for your stay. When you’re vacationing in a new place for more than one night, a hotel can become cramped, especially with an entire family. Vacation rentals allow you to spread out and use the kitchen for some of your meals instead of dining out (which can save you money)!

#4 – At-Home Feeling

Hotel rooms can often be stuffy, cold, and feel like.. well, hotel rooms.┬áVacation rentals are designed to feel like a home away from home. Hand-picked decor and furniture give vacation rentals a more comfortable, relaxing feeling – exactly what you want on your next vacation. Your accommodations will be unique and so will your experience.

#5 – Added Amenities

Since vacation rentals are privately owned, owners have the ability to customize stays for their guests by adding amenities otherwise sold separately. For example, Premium Beach Condos includes beach chairs with your stay, a feature that normally costs guests extra upon arrival; Holiday House also offers a private pool for guests instead of sharing a hotel pool, and the Calypso condos offer an optional Private Reserved Parking to upgrade your reservation.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental in Panama City Beach, feel free to contact us at Premium Beach Condos!


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