September 10, 2017

What is a Saltwater Pool?

Holiday House Saltwater PoolHoliday House Saltwater Pool

Holiday House Saltwater PoolHoliday House Saltwater Pool

What Is A Salt Water Pool?

After introducing our brand new addition to Premium Beach Condos, Holiday House, we’ve received a lot of questions about the pool.

Holiday House features a luxurious, heated saltwater pool. But a saltwater pool is not the same as the ocean; the water is made of saline, constantly being sanitized by the makeup of the water.

Both saltwater and freshwater pools require chlorine to sanitize the water. However, while traditional pools use liquid chlorine, and lots of it, saltwater pools use significantly smaller amounts of chlorine gas. By using chlorine gas, the water is constantly being sanitized – with a freshwater pool, the water is only sanitized each time liquid chlorine is added.

Saltwater pools are also said to be healthier for swimmers. The constant addition of excess chemicals in chlorine pools can cause damage to your skin and hair. Saline is far more natural and the water is not as hard. In fact, some people say their hair and skin feel softer after swimming in a saline pool!

One disadvantage to saltwater pools is the price. When compared to a chlorine pool, saltwater pools are a luxury upgrade. But at Premium Beach Condos, we believe you deserve to be in a state of constant luxury during your stay, which is why a saltwater pool makes the perfect addition to our new Holiday House.

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Source: GogglesNMore