August 20, 2017

Benefits of Renting a Top Floor Condo

Benefits of Renting a Top Floor Condo

When you’re staying in a condo, the floor you choose can complete shape the vacation experience you have during your stay. Lower floors and higher floors each have their own benefits, making them perfect fits for different kinds of people. Here are a few reasons why we love top floor condos.

Unbeatable Views

There’s nothing better than the breathtaking view of the Gulf from a top floor condo. Your view is no longer blocked by the people at the pool or the activities on the beach; you have an unobstructed view of the peaceful and serene waves rolling in and out. Plus, the sunset view from up there is hard to beat.

Peace and Quiet

The further up you go, the quieter your balcony will be. If you love sitting out on the balcony in the morning with your coffee, but get frustrated when your zen is ruptured by the screeching of young kids, a top floor might be the perfect solution. The voices from the pool muffle as you ascend, so you can enjoy your breakfast in peace. I mean, talk about dining with a view.

A Cool, Relaxing Breeze

Florida is hot, especially if you’re there during peak season. When 3 o’clock rolls around, and you just want to sit on the balcony, it can be frustrating when the beating sun is too much to bear. But on the higher floors, the breeze increases, offering relief from the heat and making the balcony much more enjoyable at any time of day.

All floor levels offer incredible vacation experiences in their own way. If you have any questions about which floor height is best for your stay, contact us directly and we’d be happy to assist you!