October 14, 2016

Top 5 Pizza Joints in Panama City Beach, FL


Top 5 Pizza Joints in Panama City Beach, FL

October is National Pizza Month so it seems appropriate to highlight our 5 favorite Pizza Joints in Panama City Beach.  Now to be fair, we had SO MANY to choose from, so we tried to focus on our favorites closer to the Calypso and Pier Park.

Now in this post, I didn’t rank these 5.  They’re all good, so we suggest that you try them all!  Of course, this might require that you return to Panama City Beach several times, but we’re OK with that.

So…in no particular order….


Red Brick Pizza Kitchen Café

Red Brick Pizza is on the south side of Pier Park, near the entrance closest to Calypso.  They specialize in fire-roasted pizza with all natural ingredients.  They have 17 Artisan Pizzas on their menu, and 5 gourmet variations of their trademark Fhazanis too.  Of course you can always select your own style and toppings for either dish.

But Red Brick has one unique offering that these other 4 restaurants don’t have..  Red Brick offers vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.  But unlike so many other restaurants that advertise these options, Red Brick prepares these items in a separate kitchen area to avoid cross-contamination, a serious issue for those with allergies.  For more information, check out their website:  http://www.redbrickpizza.com


Bubba’s NY Style Pizza, Wings & Things

Bubba’s is a bit farther away from the Calypso, but they have a broad selection on their menu, and their Sunday Brunch pizzas (served only Sunday 11am – 3pm) are their own unique creations.  Their Omelet pizza includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, onions, green peppers, cheddar cheese, and “just the right amount of hot sauce to get the taste buds to wake up”.  Imagine pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…and breakfast doesn’t have to be cold leftovers!  For more details here is their website:   http://www.bubbaspizzafl.com


Schlotzski’s Bakery/Café/Deli

Schlotzski’s offers more than just your traditional pizza.  In addition to all of the traditional choices, they offer 4 delicious specialty flatbread pizzas that are a refreshing change of pace.  Their menu includes pizza but also a large selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches.  They do offer an allergen scorecard, indicating items that do not contain gluten, dairy, soy, etc, but items are all made in the same kitchen area, so if you are sensitive to cross-contamination, this is not the restaurant for you.

Schlotzski’s is often overlooked in Pier Park because it’s around the corner from Starbucks, across from the Grand Theater.  It’s nestled next to Cinnabon, between the Candymaker shop and the Rum Runner restaurant.  Good luck resisting the Cinnabon for dessert!  Check out their website:   http://www.schlotzskys.com


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza

Uncle Maddio’s is new to Pier Park and is located in the new Pier Park North, across 98.  Maddio’s takes the Subway style approach to making your own pizza.  You can order one of their 11 signature pizzas, or walk through their make your own pizza line, to select your dough, pizza style, sauce, toppings (generous portions or just a splash), and of course the cheese.  You can also order ahead online and have your pizza waiting for you when you arrive.  Here is the website to place your order:  http://www.unclemaddios.com


Fatty’s Sandwich Shop

While the name might be slightly off-putting, the pizzas at Fatty’s are delicious and extremely popular.  With a music-inspired decor theme and outstanding food, Fatty’s draws in the crowd on the daily.  One of their best pizzas is the Maui-Wowie, with ham and pineapple, but their everything pizza is delicious too.  Located right across the stress on Front Beach Road, if you want to dine in, you can use the bridge to the car park in order to access the restaurant without even crossing the road!  You’ll barely even have to leave the building.  Or better yet – Fatty’s has free delivery to the Calypso!  For a peek at their unique decor and their menu, here is the website:  http://fattyssandwichshop.com

And just for fun…if you are REALLY into pizza, and want to know a little about the history of pizza…

or the way you eat it and what that says about you…

Enjoy these websites too!

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