August 21, 2016

What Is An eCheck? Is It Safe?




What is an eCheck? Is it safe?

I love eCheck.  It’s simple, safe, and it helps Vacation Rental (VR) owners keep their costs down, which translates to lower overall rates to you, the traveller.

If you’ve never heard of eCheck before, understanding it is simple. It’s just like writing a paper check, but we do it without the paper.

In the Vacation Rental business, reservations usually require some kind of payment before receiving a confirmation.  There are several popular ways to make payments for your rental:

Close up of a hand signing a check. Please note that the signature is fictitious.

PAPER CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS:  If you typically pay for your Vacation Rental with a paper check or money order, then paying by eCheck instead means that you don’t have to wait a week to get a confirmation on your reservation!  The owner/manager of the condo doesn’t worry about whether or not the check has been mailed, and you don’t have to worry about someone else booking it out from under you if the mail is delayed. 



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