July 22, 2016

Welcome to Our New Blog Page!

Welcome to Premium Beach Condos Blog

Welcome to Premium Beach Condos Blog

Well this is all very new to me…I’ve finally graduated to an OFFICIAL Word Press BLOG!  Bear with me, I’m like a dog in training…learning as I go…

First I give KUDOS to all bloggers out there.  This is harder than it looks, and I could never have done it without the help of my Social Media Consultant (and daughter) Meg Thomson.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet (www.MegThomson.com) you should.  It’s always good.

Now for the real reason for my first post.

I wanted to create this blog for several reasons:

Top 5 pizza joints

First, I wanted to have a website page where I could share my recommendations about activities, special events, great places to go, and wonderful restaurants in Panama City Beach with my guests, or anyone interested in visiting our resort city.  My guests will often call to ask my opinion about the best places to golf, the best fishing excursions, or the best restaurants, just to name a few, so this is a great place to post those recommendations for current and future guests!


The second reason I wanted to have this blog was to be able to share important information about the vacation rental market with my guests (past, present, and future).  When major changes are happening in the industry, the guests are often the last to know, so this is a place where I can keep my followers informed about what’s happening and what those changes might mean to them.


The third reason I’ve created this blog as part of my website is to have a centralized place to let my guests know about special deals coming up and especially last minute availability.  From time to time, we may post specials from some of our best service providers as well, such as discounted concert tickets or gulf excursions.

If you have flexibility for last minute travel, you will want to keep an eye on this section of the blog!

And finally, I’d like to be able to make you smile now and then.  The beach often has a way of doing that so I would like to share that with you. I may post some humor I’ve found or other stories that will make you smile.





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